MINI Supports Obama Administration Standards for Fuel Economy by 2025

MINI signed an agreement with the Obama administration today outlining fuel economy standards by the 2025 Model Year.  The agreement centers on having a fuel efficiency of 54.5 miles per gallon for cars and light duty trucks by 2025.  MINI and other manufacturers that make up 90% of cars sold in America were there to sign the agreement today.

Success of the program by 2025 is estimated to save $1.7 trillion dollars in fuel costs.  The higher mpg ratings for vehicles will save owners $8,000/year in fuel savings.  Additionally, it will save 12 billion barrels of oil, reducing oil consumption by 2.25 million barrels a day (less than ½ of current daily imports).

“Regulatory consistency is critical to synchronize product development with government rules. This way, companies have the time necessary to develop technologies that fulfill the requirements while remaining profitable and sustainable,” explained Josef Kerscher, President of BMW Manufacturing, “The path from 2017 to 2021 is now clearly marked and we are ready for the challenge.”

The public is behind the new high standards and ready for the change.  A poll from the Pew Clean Energy program found 82% of national voters favored the increase of fuel efficiency standard to 55 miles per gallon while 68% strongly favored it.

However, found that technology needed to achieve these goals would make new car prices jump 1.8% a year, with the possibility of nullifying the savings at the pump.

There is plenty of uncertainty of how the auto world will shake out by 2025 but MINI is ready for the overwhelming challenge of these standards.  The BMW Group has always been a leader in environmental technology for its vehicles and will continue to build upon their previous success to attain these high goals by 2025.

Technology Booming on MINI Vehicles for the Ultimate Driving Experience

MINI has been adding the latest and greatest technologies along with their great performing rides to ensure total comfort and luxury when driving a MINI.

The heart of MINI’s technology craze is the MINI connected which integrates all of the features onto an amazing 6.5” high definition screen.  MINI connected allows drivers to access their trip computer info, program the radio and clock, control audio functions and keep their vehicle in tip top shape with service alerts.

MINI cars come with Bluetooth connectivity to make hands free calls for approved devices and with MINI connected, drivers can enable voice control, use the antenna on the MINI for calls and wirelessly stream music from A2DP capable phones.

For radio entertainment, MINI provides a full year subscription to Sirius satellite radio to offer the best channels around and MINI cars are equipped with HD Radio technology to have the best sounding radio.

The biggest fans of MINI connected will be IPhone users.  MINI has created some pretty impressive integration with Apple’s IPhone through the MINI connected application that allows drivers to access their music and phone content straight on the display screen.  Also, the IPhone integration allows for Pandora radio to be streamed through the MINI, view Facebook/Twitter feeds and post updates to accounts, Google send to car for directions, MINIMALISM analyzer to help driving habits to get the most mpgs out of the MINI, and so much more.

MINI has made some huge strides in the technology department to provide MINI drivers with the best tools available.  It is exciting to see what MINI vehicles have now and even more exciting what the future holds for MINI technology.

MINI Cooper and John Cooper Works Grab Top Ten Honors for Holding Value

The ability for a car to hold value should be a crucial factor when buying a new car.  Sometimes as buyers, we focus more on the bottom line and financing rates to get the best deal rather than looking at the long-term effects with depreciation.

Buying Car A vs. Car B may seem like an easy decision from an initial bottom line perspective, but what about overall through the lives of the vehicles?  The originally higher-priced vehicle still can save you a lot more in the long run. realizes the importance of resale value and did plenty of research to come up with their Top Ten List of Best Overcall Car Resale Values for 2011 models.

MINI has long been known for superior quality and great resale value, so it comes to us as no surprise that the MINI John Cooper Works and MINI Cooper were both named to the best resale list.  See the results below:

  1. Mazdaspeed3                                       66% Residual Value
  2. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter                    65% Residual Value
  3. Audi S5                                                 65% Residual Value
  4. Mazda3                                                 65% Residual Value
  5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 6    64% Residual Value
  6. MINI John Cooper Works                 64% Residual Value
  7. Subaru Impreza Outback                  64% Residual Value
  8. MINI Cooper                                       64% Residual Value
  9. Chevrolet Camaro                               63% Residual Value
  10. Kia Sportage                                        63% Residual Value

The residual values were the percentage based off of the price that manufacturers suggest for retail pricing for the new vehicles.

Higher residual values will allow you to repay less in leasing a car so you can receive lower monthly payments.  If buying a car, it will help holding value for you to sell or trade in at a higher amount.  Buy or lease, a vehicle’s resale value should always be considered and evaluated before making a decision.

MINI and Red Bull Partner for Art of Motion Tour Across the Globe

The Red Bull Art of Motion Tour debuted in London and is using its “wings” to travel throughout the world to five additional event sites with the support of MINI.  The free-running competition will travel to Yokohama July 30, 2011, Sao Paulo August 11, 2011, Detroit August 2011, Santorini September 2011 and Green Island Kuwait October 2011.

Free-running is an acrobatic event where contestants methodically move through an urban setting course using stunts, jumps and moves to create a show of art.  During the event, judges score how the athletes move through the course along with their ability to perform stunts and tricks along the way.

MINI partnered for these events because it perfectly aligns with MINI’s philosophy of a creative use of space.  Athletes have to be inventive in blending their stunts with the course features to provide the ultimate display of art to judges.

MINI will be responsible for awarding the MINI Sickest Trick Award each event to the athlete who performed the most spectacular trick during the competition.

Red Bull and MINI teamed up previously for the Red Bull Crashed Ice competition, a winter event where four contestants on ice skates go down a massive five-meter wide downhill track.  MINI was honored to present the MINI Rookie Award for the athlete who was the quickest new athlete on the track.