Insane is an Understatement – MINI & Human Flight

MINI and the John Cooper Works Countryman went to great lengths on this video to make something amazing. Watch and enjoy as the John Cooper Works Countryman gets a man airborne and lets him go. Then the fun begins….the Countryman zooms after the human flier to race.

MINI Celebrates 10 Years in the USA

MINI VehiclesBack in 2002, MINI made its way back into the heart of Americans. Small cars have never been America’s thing, but there have been a few exceptions; and MINI has been one of the lone success stories.

Their success however, was far from certain in the beginning. MINI launched in the U.S. when gas was cheap and large trucks and SUVs ruled the road…and automotive sales. Many expected MINI to be a one-hit wonder. Ten years later however, it’s pretty obvious that MINI is here to stay. MINI set a sales record in 2008 when gas prices hit their highest point, and then set another sales record in 2011 when gas prices were stable.

MINI’s ever-expanding lineup, including the Hardtop, Convertible, Coupe, and Roadster, has been a bigger hit than anyone could have ever imagined. Here’s to 10 more years!

MINI Clubvan Concept Ready to Break Into the Transport Market

MINI is hoping the new MINI Clubvan Concept vehicle is ready to bring a new set of fans to their brand.  In the service industry, transportation is key to haul all tools and materials necessary to get the job done for professions such as remodelers, plumbers, repairmen, technicians and more.  MINI designed the Clubvan Concept to give service workers a whole new transportation style.


The Clubvan Concept is loaded with room with a flat floor loading area which makes it convenient to load everything.  The Clubvan has two seats and two compartments to utilize.  The Clubvan Concept is the first world transport vehicle based on a premium smal car.

The MINI Clubvan is going into production and will be launched in the second half of 2012.  Check out the premiere video showing off what a Clubvan Concept company car would look like!

MINI Debuts Five Vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

MINI had plenty on hand for visitors to the Geneva Motor Show 2012. MINI brought along five new MINI vehicles to show off for their world premiere to guests to the show. The new MINI Clubvan Concept vehicle, MINI John Cooper Works Countryman, and three special models all premiered globally for the first time.

The John Cooper Works Countryman definitely is the sportiest of the MINI vehicles The MINI John Cooper Works Countryman has an updated engine that improves the power and efficiency of the vehicle as well as the option to have an automatic transmission for the first time. . Loaded with the ALL4 all-wheel-drive system, it is ready to take on all road and weather conditions thrown its way.

MINI also put the new Clubvan Concept on the stage for visitors to enjoy. The new concept vehicle looks to enter in a new segment for business and personal use of a premium small car with extra room. It differs from the Countryman by having only a two-seat layout and a large, flat load compartment with opaque rear windows.

The other three models to grace the stage were the MINI Baker Street and Bayswater Olympic editions and the MINI Highgate convertible vehicle. The special Olympic edition MINIs are Hardtop versions with exclusive equipment and special branding.