The MINI Media Award

As presenter of the Burton European Open and the Burton US Open, the MINI Space Team has taken the opportunity to challenge snowboard journalists to capture the creativity of the sport in no other way than a MINI Space competition.

Contenders are challenged to creatively cover the events of the Burton US Open in Vail Colorado during the next week.

The winner of the MINI Media Award will be voted by MINI Space visitors.

Votes will be casted from March 13, 2013 to March 27, 2013.

The kicker – even the votes will be entered into a competition.

Creatively comment to reinforce your vote and to demonstrate your support for your favorite article and the sport of snowboarding.

The producers of the three most creative comments will receive a limited edition Burton snowboard.

And, by limited edition, we mean limited edition.

These Burton snowboards have been custom-designed by snowboard photographer Tobias “Ludschi” Ludescher and off-piste pro rider Lukas Goller, also known as Lu&Lu.

Lu&Lu of the PirateArtCrew met in 2004 and have been creating masterpieces on all types of mediums from canvas to cars ever since.

That’s right.

Lu&Lu spent three days in a glass pod customizing a MINI Countryman to reflect the spirit of the Burton European Open scene in Laax Switzerland.

Featuring the old man of the mountain on its hood and a mountain panorama, Lu&Lu titled the MINI Countryman RE: LAAX.

The work of the alpine artists, as they call themselves, leaked onto three Burton snowboards that you could potentially call your own.

Local Pennsylvania dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh, is excited to witness the creativity inspired by the MINI-sponsored Burton US Open.

MINI Cooper Hits the Red Carpet at the Warner Music Group Grammy After Party

MINI ConvertibleThe red carpet saw a new celebrity this year after the Grammy Awards, the new MINI Convertible!  MINI made its debut as the official partner of Warner Music Group at their very exclusive Grammy after party.  This year, the partnership consisted of the new MINI Countrymen chauffeuring celebrities to the after party and a MINI Convertible welcoming them on the red carpet as a VIP guestbook.

The MINI Convertible is now decorated with autographs from famous artists and actors such as Sean Paul, Flo Rida, Neil Patrick Harris, Muse and many more.  This MINI will be auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting MyMusicRX.  This is a charity that focuses on, “soothing and delighting hospitalized children, their families and medical professionals who care for them, by infusing the hospital environment with the healing power of music.”

Local Pennsylvania dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh, is proud the MINI Convertible will be auctioned off for such a notable charity!

MINI of Pittsburgh Winter Driving Refresher

MINI Winter DrivingPittsburgh Pennsylvania was lucky that it didn’t find Nemo last weekend.

However, here at MINI of Pittsburgh, we like to be prepared.

The winter is not over yet, so we wanted to refresh our local drivers’ winter driving skills.

This past Sunday, on February 10, 2013, many MINIs circled the Pittsburgh International Race Complex from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

MINI drivers learned more about winter driving in a safe and pressure-free environment.

We asked some of those who attended the event about their most valuable lessons learned.

Here is what they had to say.

“Don’t try to take that first set of gates out wide or you’ll end up head first in the wall.” – Justin

“Know your limits and test them only in the most ideal of controlled environments. I also learned Pitt Stop drivers know their way around a track!” – Wayman

“Taking ice on in a straight line rather than at a turn will give you more control over the car – so maybe go a little wide in the turn instead of sliding off the road. Also, my MINI is a beast.” – Tiffany

“That a Justa on snow tires can perform well on the north track!” – Melissa

Oh, and the most valuable lesson we learned: “Oh My Grill has the best specialty grilled cheese sandwiches around!”

MINI and Burton Snowboards Team Up for Creative Use of Space

MINI Countryman

Fastplants, ally-oops, seatbelts…do any of these terms ring a bell?  Maybe for snowboarders they do, because yes, it is that time of year again.  MINI and Burton Snowboards are partnering up another year for the Creative Use of Space initiative- and it’s going to be better than ever!

Snowboarders this year are going to have to think outside the box.  “Progressive old school,” according to MINI Space is what it will take to win these competitions.  This means tricks like fastplants, ally-oops and seatbelts.  It’s not just the tricks themselves either; the competitors must integrate each different aspect of the course in a cohesive manner.  The prizes at the Canadian and New Zealand competitions are $2,500 and the European and US Opens both award $5,000 to both men and women winners.

MINI is not only supporting the snowboarders that compete this year but also the designers who build and shape the mountain’s creative slopes.  MINI will give $5,000 to each mountain park crew that is on the Burton Global Open Series tour stop.  The money will be used to design a terrain inspired by the Creative Use of Space Award.  At the end of the tour, the crew that designed the best slope will win $5,000 in cash.  The overall winners for both men and women will take home a brand new MINI Countryman.

We are excited to see the increased level of competition and creativity that the craftsman and snowboards will bring to the Burton Global Series.  If you’re a snowboarder, strap on your board and head to the slopes!  Keep track of what’s going on in the games at MINI Space.

Local Pennsylvania dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh, is excited to see what the creative minds design.