With all the exciting events almost upon

With all the exciting events almost upon us at P&W Foreign Cars, we still want to thank the Vintage Grand Prix Poster contestants for their participation. We have tons of photos of all the awesome submissions on our Facebook Page, please take a few minutes to ‘like’ our page, while your browsing the through.
In case you weren’t aware, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh had an amazing class assignment that also turned into a cool contest. Students had four weeks create a poster for the Vintage Grand Prix. There would be winners chosen and everyone could attend a fun reveal party at MINI of Pittsburgh and get the opportunity to network with their peers and industry leaders; all while being recognized for their talents.
The overall grand winner was, Sean Proaski. He is only 27 years old and grew up here locally in Pittsburgh, PA. He is working at Smallman Street Deli in Squirrel Hill; as well as, taking on freelance design projects. You could possibly see Sean walking his beagle, Duncan. He loves spending time with his dog or just listening to music, for which he has a passion too.
Not unlike MINI, Sean goes across the Pacific Ocean for some of his inspiration and artistic influences. Swiss Design and Bauhaus movement are at the core of his artistic influences. Most recently, he has been drawn to the work of a European illustrator, Daniel Stolle. His use of color, transparency and perspective had been something that has been slowly creeping into my work.
Sean will be graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the end of the Spring Quarter, in June 2014. He is currently in the process of building his website, so look for a link in the future on his social media pages. Right now, if you are interested in viewing some more of Sean’s work (And you should be!) you can view his portfolio at cargocollective.com/seanproakis .

With the Pittsburgh International Car Sh

With the Pittsburgh International Car Show coming up next weekend, we don’t want to forget the awesome Vintage Grand Prix Poster winners. Thank you to everyone who attended our Reveal Party. If you didn’t get a chance to actually attend, we do have pictures on our Facebook Page. Definitely take the time to look at all of the great submissions; along with the winners.
It was a contest for a class held at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Professor, Mark Bender, had submitted a poster for the event previously and wanted to get his students involved. It is a great way to get a younger perspective on a classic car!
There were a couple of winners chosen, including Nicole Harrison. She won the People’s Choice Award! She is an amazing 29 year old graphic designer getting ready to graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh this June. Nicole grew up in Seabring, Ohio and is currently holding down several jobs while still attending school. Stop by and see her at Peppi’s on the North Side of Pittsburgh. She is also interning at Rimbach Publishing and working at the Art Institute in between all her final classes.
The owner of Peppi’s has a MINI Cooper and Nicole has delivered sandwiches in it. She did say that for such a small car (So small it was hard to fit all the sandwiches!) that is was manipulatively fast. “It does have some get up and go!”, said Nicole. If she ever traded in her Honda Civic for a MINI she would choose a Dark Green MINI Cooper.
Nicole draws inspiration and influence from her passion for art. Any design that she sees on the street will inspire her, even down to designs on doors. She likes to walk around and view the scenery. We hope she sees a couple more MINI’s during her next adventure. We enjoyed having an opportunity to meet Nicole and get an insight into her life and art. She is an amazing designer and we are excited to follow her career in the future!