National Youth Traffic Safety Month – Keeping Teen Drivers Safe Behind the Wheel

May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month, which is an effort to help keep teen drivers safe by highlighting the importance of responsible driving practices. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2012, distracted teen drivers behind the wheel caused 21% of fatal car crashes. So here are some tips to decrease distractions and increase attention for the road.

  1.  Parents, set a good example. According to the National Safety Council survey, 91% of parents who drive their kids are implementing distracted driving practices themselves. “Do as I say, not as I do” is simply not good enough when it comes to setting a good driving example for your kids!
  2. Put the distractions away. Diversions don’t always come from cell phones but can also include eating, putting on makeup, talking to friends, or even changing the radio.
  3. Hands free does not always mean distraction free. Just because you have a hands free device, your attention can still be diverted from the road.
  4. Teens driving with other teens can increase fatal crash risk by 44%. Teach your young drivers to be attentive at all times and not to take their eyes off the road when talking to passengers.

We at MINI of Pittsburgh are dedicated to highlighting good driving safety practices for both parents and their teen drivers. So please, put the distractions away and come visit us to see the newest lineup of MINIs, today!

Drive-in Theater Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Summer

With warmer weather on the way, Drive-ins like Twin Hi-Way will start filling up with families eager to take advantage of the spring and summer seasons. In order to help you get the most out of your drive-in experience, we’ve put together a list of drive-in theater tips.

Your MINI is ideal for drive-ins because it’s compact, sleek, and capable of gliding in and out of the lots without any problems. Not only that, but MINI also has an array of convertible options (all available here at MINI of Pittsburgh), all of which are excellent for the drive-in.

According to, you may want to consider bringing lawn chairs if take a less comfortable car than your MINI. By bringing your own chairs, you can stretch your legs anytime you want and enjoy the fresh air.

This brings us to our next tip: bring mosquito repellant. Although the bugs shouldn’t be too bad until the late summer, no one enjoys getting bit up. We recommend aerosol spray cans, which are especially easy to apply.

Although the theater may remind you, it’s always good to start your car every once in a while. Nothing will ruin the evening faster than having to call someone to give you a jumpstart.

Last but not least, choose a movie that everyone can enjoy. Most theaters offer double-features, so make sure you’re seeing films young kids (or friends that act like kids) can sit through for a long time.

Stay Tuned to our blog to keep up with all the latest tips for Summer fun in your MINI!