Small Car Safety: Bigger isn’t Always Better

Since 1959, MINIs have been designed with space-saving in mind. Thanks to innovative engineering, the automaker has been able to develop some of the most influential and efficient cars on the market. Nevertheless, just because they’re small, doesn’t make them less safe.

Although you might think that bigger is simply better, just because a car is small doesn’t mean it’s less safe. In fact, according to AutoTrader, small car safety is often better thanks to handling. Believe it or not, small cars have a lower center of gravity (meaning they don’t tip over easily), they’re lighter, and they tend to have better driving dynamics.

Even with better handling, most new cars are relatively safe anyway because of industry standards and technological advances. New MINIs are made with features such as traction control, stability control, and crumple zones. If you’re in an accident, no matter how small your car is, it’s designed to absorb and distribute impact.

So, is bigger better? As long as you’re driving new car, the size doesn’t matter nearly as much as the driver behind the wheel. As long as you’re alert, defensive, and in tune with your car, you’ve got an advantage.

New MINI Superleggera Roadster Could be Electric

Fans can’t stop clamoring about the potential of a new MINI Superleggera. Rumor has it that MINI is considering the sleek roadster for production with a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. This unique sports car could be available sooner than you know it.

Odds are if you saw the MINI Superleggera roadster, you wouldn’t believe it’s a MINI, especially because it looks unlike anything the company has ever done before. This sleek convertible has even been called the Miata and the Porsche of the UK, featuring a low center of gravity, wide stance, and excellent handling. According to Top Speed, the Superleggera may even be powered by electricity.

“The interest was tremendous when we showed this concept car,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, head of MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorcycle. “I think also the technological part is extremely interesting because we are working on electrification for MINI.”

This is big news for MINI, especially considering the lineup follows a fairly strict design philosophy. The new Superleggera could just redefine the entire company if its electric-sports design takes off. Stay tuned to this space to see if and when you can expect to see a new MINI Superleggera roadster right here at MINI of Pittsburgh.