Statistics of Cell Phone Use While Driving Tell a Sad Story

When you look at the very harrowing statistics of cell phone use while driving, one thing becomes very clear. If you are doing it, and so far you have not been involved in an accident, you are simply one of the lucky ones. Every time you get on the road and use your cell phone while behind the wheel, you put yourself further at risk of having that luck run out.

Nine Americans lose their lives every day from distracted driving. And on average, one out of every four vehicle accidents involved cell phone use.

Driving requires focus. As boring as it can be, and as much as we’ve done it over the years, it still requires just as much focus as it always has. Using a cell phone for either talking or texting always diminishes that focus.

It may just be for seconds. But, according to Huffington Post, the number of seconds that one’s eyes must leave the road in order to send a text is five. The best way to avoid becoming a statistic is by staying vigilant and keeping your eyes on the prize at all times.

No matter if you’re behind the wheel of your MINI or any other car, please don’t text or call and drive.  Your life is worth more than a phone call.

MINI On The MACK Nearly Sets World Record

MINI on the MACK

All of the MINI assembling before starting their drive across the Mackinac Bridge.

For some people, just owning a MINI is fun enough in and of itself. For most of us, it gives usaccess to a lot of cool events and a seriously cool subculture. For instance, take the recent attempt we supported by MINI owners to break the world’s record for largest parade of MINIs.

The current record was set back in 2009 in London. That record-setting event involved 1,450 MINIs. The most recent attempt to break this record was part of the MINI on the MACK, a rally-celebration that occurs every other year in August and features a horde of MINIs traversing the Straits of Mackinac. We helped fund mulitple MINI motorers as they ventured up to Michigan for this fun event.

Ultimately, the MINI on the MACK saw 1,319 different MINI cars traveling together on the beautiful Mackinac Bridge connecting the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan. Unfortunately the world record was not broken. We were short by a mere 132 MINIs.

The good news is that a US record was set! So, the event was still meaningful, but not just for setting records. For participants, it was just another memorable way to celebrate the style and fun of MINI.