5 Famous People from Pittsburgh


Andrew Carnegie tops our list of famous Pittsburghers.
Image From Theodore C. Marceau [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the largest and most industrialized cities in the nation, Pittsburgh is a pretty famous city. Many of its residents, from artists to industrialists, are also very famous. The following celebrities and historical figures are 5 famous people from Pittsburgh.

Andrew Carnegie

The American steel industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie helped make the city of Pittsburgh the large metropolis it is today.

Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly, who was born near the city of Pittsburgh, redefined reporting methods in America through her investigative work on a number of important issues and topics.

Michael Keaton

The actor Michael Keaton is most famous for his role as Batman in Gotham City! Keaton himself was born near the Steel City.

Christina Aguilera

This soulful singer may have been born on Staten Island, but she spent the majority of her early life in nearby Rochester, Pennsylvania.

Andy Warhol

One of the most famous and influential American artists, Andy Warhol even has a museum dedicated to his work in right here in Pittsburgh.

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MINI Searches for Candidates for its Defy Labels Contest

If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably saw the “Defy Labels” advertisement that MINI produced. The campaign was so successful that MINI has decided to expand upon the campaign in a big way!

A recent MINI press release announced that MINI is searching for candidates for its Defy Labels Contest.

Between now and April 7, MINI will accept candidates for the Defy Labels campaign. People can nominate candidates by uploading an image of them and an explanation on how they defy labels to MINI-DefyLabels.com.

From there, an independent panel of judges will select four of the nominees to help kick of the MINI TAKES THE STATES rally!

“People have put labels on the MINI brand for years,” says David Duncan, vice president MINI of the Americas. “We’ve been called the ‘small car’ or the ‘cute car,’ but we know we’re more than that.   Despite those labels, we’ve continued to be inventive and innovative with our product line. The Defy Labels Contest isn’t about rebellion, but rather creating your own path regardless of the labels you’ve been given; a concept the MINI brand understands and embodies.”

If you know of someone who “defies labels”, nominate them as a candidate for the competition today, and check out the series of MINI’s “Defying Labels” videos below.