Keeping your MINI Happy and Healthy!

Oil Change

Checking your MINI’s oil level from time to time, and topping off when necessary, will help you to keep your engine happy and healthy!

Maintaining the correct engine oil level is extremely important as it ensures that there is enough oil to properly lubricate all of the moving parts, helping to minimize internal engine wear.  

Many people don’t realize that engine oil is also a primary means, in conjunction with the cooling system, by which heat is dissipated from the engine. Heat is transferred away from the moving parts inside the engine via the oil circulating throughout. If there’s not enough oil in the engine, this transfer of heat can’t take place effectively.

That doesn’t mean very high heat levels still aren’t present in a healthy engine. Little by little, your motor oil begins to burn off, shrinking the total amount of fluid in the system. If this oil isn’t replaced, then you run the risk of vital engine parts being exposed and open to heat damage and corrosion.

Checking your oil can tell you where this level is and if you should refill. The first part to this process is locating the oil dipstick in your engine. It typically looks like a little yellow ring. Pull it out, wipe off the oil, and stick it back in. When you pull it out again, look at where the bead of oil falls on the stick in relation to the markings. If it looks good, don’t worry about it.

If you need to top of the oil in your MINI, look for a large cap on the top of the engine (located on the valve cover).  Oil should never be added through the dip-stick tube. When adding oil, do so a little at a time and recheck after each addition until the proper amount has been reached.  

Remembering to periodically check your MINI’s engine oil level, and following these simple steps can help to keep your MINI motoring longer. For more helpful tips and MINI-centric info, visit or give us a call anytime at 412-682-0788.

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