The MINI Media Award

As presenter of the Burton European Open and the Burton US Open, the MINI Space Team has taken the opportunity to challenge snowboard journalists to capture the creativity of the sport in no other way than a MINI Space competition.

Contenders are challenged to creatively cover the events of the Burton US Open in Vail Colorado during the next week.

The winner of the MINI Media Award will be voted by MINI Space visitors.

Votes will be casted from March 13, 2013 to March 27, 2013.

The kicker – even the votes will be entered into a competition.

Creatively comment to reinforce your vote and to demonstrate your support for your favorite article and the sport of snowboarding.

The producers of the three most creative comments will receive a limited edition Burton snowboard.

And, by limited edition, we mean limited edition.

These Burton snowboards have been custom-designed by snowboard photographer Tobias “Ludschi” Ludescher and off-piste pro rider Lukas Goller, also known as Lu&Lu.

Lu&Lu of the PirateArtCrew met in 2004 and have been creating masterpieces on all types of mediums from canvas to cars ever since.

That’s right.

Lu&Lu spent three days in a glass pod customizing a MINI Countryman to reflect the spirit of the Burton European Open scene in Laax Switzerland.

Featuring the old man of the mountain on its hood and a mountain panorama, Lu&Lu titled the MINI Countryman RE: LAAX.

The work of the alpine artists, as they call themselves, leaked onto three Burton snowboards that you could potentially call your own.

Local Pennsylvania dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh, is excited to witness the creativity inspired by the MINI-sponsored Burton US Open.

MINI: Most Eco-Friendly Convertible

EcoÖKOTREND Institute for Environmental Research categorically ranks the most environmentally-friendly vehicles on the German market annually.

ÖKOTREND is a German word that literally translates to the English equivalent of “ECO-TREND.”

And, quite frankly, the MINI Convertible is a little bit of both, eco and trendy.

According to the latest environmental rankings of ÖKOTREND, the MINI Convertible is the most eco-friendly convertible on the German market this year.

With its 112-horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine, the four-seater landed the top spot primarily based upon its low emissions and epic fuel efficiency in addition to its eco features such as Auto Start-Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration.

Aside from mere features, ÖKOTREND also evaluates vehicles upon sourcing of material, production process, and recyclability.

All MINI production processes utilize a systematic use of sustainability.

Lastly, the vehicles are assessed on the perceived environmental and social responsibility of their company.

For the past eight years in a row, Dow Jones Sustainability Index has named The BMW Group as the most sustainable automotive manufacturer in the world.

Seems like eco is trendy, after all.

Find the eco-friendly MINI Convertible at your local Pittsburgh Pennsylvania dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh.

MINI Receives ALG Residual Value Awards

ALG is like the psychic of the automotive world.

Through its creepily accurate vehicle value predictions, ALG has revealed automotive insights to automakers and consumers alike for almost half of a century now.

For the last fourteen years, ALG has made a ceremony of its predictions with the ALG Annual Residual Value Awards.

Those vehicles that are predicted to keep the highest percentage of Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in their segments after three years are recognized and rewarded.

Segments include Sub Compact Car, Compact Car, Midsize Car, Fullsize Car, Sports Car, Alt-Fuel Vehicle, Minivan, Sub Compact Utility Vehicle, Compact Utility Vehicle, Midsize Utility Vehicle, Fullsize Utility Vehicle, Midsize Pickup, Fullsize Pickup, Premium Compact Car, Premium Midsize Car, Premium Fullsize Car, Premium Executive, Premium Sports Car, Premium Alt-Fuel Vehicle, Premium Compact Utility Vehicle, Premium Midsize Utility Vehicle, and Premium Fullsize Utility Vehicle.

ALG examined 2013 vehicles with a thorough assessment in many categories, such as historical performance, industry trends, and segment competition.

It was a good year for MINI.

The MINI Cooper took the Premium Compact Car Residual Value Award, while the MINI Cooper Countryman claimed the Sub Compact Utility Vehicle Residual Value Award.

A Residual Value Award is a pretty big deal.

Considering critical elements like brand desirability, durability, and quality, residual value almost entirely reflects the value of a vehicle, according to ALG President Larry Dominique.

“The Residual Value Awards measure the most important brand performance metric—the statement consumers make with their wallets when they purchase a vehicle.”

MINI Cooper Coupe Makes KBB’s List of Top 10 Head Turners of 2012

With a funky exterior and nimble handling, it’s easy to see why the 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe made Kelley Blue Book’s like of the Top 10 Head Turners of 2012. The 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe is now available at MINI of Pittsburgh.

The MINI Cooper Coupe was all-new for the 2012 model year. This two-door two-passenger coupe offers the driving dynamics that are uniquely MINI with a smaller, sportier feel. The 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe is available in three trim levels: Base, S, and John Cooper Works.

The Base Coupe features a 4-cylinder engine with 121-hp@6000 RPM. The Base trim gets exceptional fuel economy with estimated rating of 29 city/37 highway MPG. Standard equipment includes a trip computer, adjustable steering wheel with mounted controls, keyless start, intermittent wipers, and cruise control. In addition, HD radio, auxiliary audio input, and MP3 player come ready to use.

The S Coupe delivers a little more jolt under the hood with a 4-cylinder, 181-hp@5500 RPM engine. The S Coupe boasts fog lamps, leather wrapped steering wheel, keyless entry, power steering, front floor mats, and vehicle anti-theft system.

The John Cooper Works Coupe provides the most powerful engine on the 2012 Cooper Coupe with a 4-cylinder 208-hp@6000 RPM engine. Leather seats, HD radio, keyless start, power driver mirror, and a rear spoiler are just a few of the standard features on the most luxurious trim of the Cooper Coupe lineup.

The eye-catching exterior of the MINI Cooper Coupe is what really sets it apart from any other vehicle on the road today. The integral roof spoiler and wing that deploy from its trunk lid convey a very futuristic style. The unique ‘helmet’ roof and hatch-style decklid create a compact feel with an aggressive appearance.

The 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe is now available at MINI of Pittsburgh. Stop by and see us today or visit to view our inventory.

MINI Honored by J.D. Power & Associates for Improvement in Customer Experience

MINI JD Power & Associates AwardMINI of Pittsburgh loves its customers and that shows through the whole company.  MINI was recently honored by J.D. Power & Associates for their improvement in providing outstanding customer experience.

MINI was honored for having the largest improvement amongst the mass market brands during the past three years.

J.D. Power & Associates were impressed with MINI’s ability to consistently improve upon their quality, dependability, and appeal of MINI vehicles.  The honor was given to MINI at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 New York International Auto Show this week.

“MINI strives to deliver an exceptional owner experience in every aspect of our business, from the online car configurator to the sales and service interaction in our dealerships, as well as in the design of our vehicles and with owner engagement initiatives such as MINI TAKES THE STATES,” said Jim McDowell, Vice President MINI USA. “We are honored that J.D. Power and Associates has presented MINI with this award, reinforcing that the significant efforts implemented over the last several years are making a difference in the owner community’s overall brand experience.”

MINI Cooper and John Cooper Works Grab Top Ten Honors for Holding Value

The ability for a car to hold value should be a crucial factor when buying a new car.  Sometimes as buyers, we focus more on the bottom line and financing rates to get the best deal rather than looking at the long-term effects with depreciation.

Buying Car A vs. Car B may seem like an easy decision from an initial bottom line perspective, but what about overall through the lives of the vehicles?  The originally higher-priced vehicle still can save you a lot more in the long run. realizes the importance of resale value and did plenty of research to come up with their Top Ten List of Best Overcall Car Resale Values for 2011 models.

MINI has long been known for superior quality and great resale value, so it comes to us as no surprise that the MINI John Cooper Works and MINI Cooper were both named to the best resale list.  See the results below:

  1. Mazdaspeed3                                       66% Residual Value
  2. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter                    65% Residual Value
  3. Audi S5                                                 65% Residual Value
  4. Mazda3                                                 65% Residual Value
  5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 6    64% Residual Value
  6. MINI John Cooper Works                 64% Residual Value
  7. Subaru Impreza Outback                  64% Residual Value
  8. MINI Cooper                                       64% Residual Value
  9. Chevrolet Camaro                               63% Residual Value
  10. Kia Sportage                                        63% Residual Value

The residual values were the percentage based off of the price that manufacturers suggest for retail pricing for the new vehicles.

Higher residual values will allow you to repay less in leasing a car so you can receive lower monthly payments.  If buying a car, it will help holding value for you to sell or trade in at a higher amount.  Buy or lease, a vehicle’s resale value should always be considered and evaluated before making a decision.