MINI of Pittsburgh Pulse

CityMade crystal clear through the NOT NORMAL campaign, MINI is all about individuality and originality.

There are many things in this world that are unique in their own ways, where no two are ever exactly alike.


Of course, people.

And, cities.

In the latest MINI Space photography and design competition, MINI challenges you to “find your city’s pulse.”

Contestants are posed with the task of capturing the uniqueness of their hometowns through collage, graphic design, illustration, or photography.

Entries will be displayed as a background on so that they may be judged.

The winner will receive a MacBook Pro and the piece will be inducted into the NOT NORMAL Hall of Fame.

An iPhone 5 will go to second place, while an iPad Mini will go to third place.

The Popular Vote Prize will be a Polaroid Instant Digital Camera.

It is no surprise that entries must be one-hundred percent original and cannot incorporate any brand logos.

There are thirty-three days left to enter, so get out and about your hometown to tap into its pulse!

MINI of Pittsburgh encourages its neighbors to find the pulse of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.