2016 MINI Takes the States

MINI is taking the United States by storm and to celebrate, the automaker is putting on an event that literally celebrates the idea. MINI Takes the States is a customer-based event that will depart from Atlanta, Georgia on July 9, 2016. By July 23, 2016, drivers will arrive in Palm Springs, California. The two-week event is sure to be an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience so if you own a MINI, be sure to attend!

Held once every two years, this year’s MINI Takes the States leaves from the Atlanta Motor Speedway and heads north to Charlotte, North Carolina. Attendees will hit plenty of major cities along the way, including our very own Pittsburgh before heading to the furthest northern point on their trip, St. Ignace, Michigan.

In 2014, MINI Takes the States traversed 5,142 miles, starting in San Francisco and ending up at Boston. On that cross country adventure, drivers motored through Texas, the Rocky Mountains, and even Canada.

MINI owners from around the country are invited to attend but must drive a MINI vehicle in the rally. Rallies will be held in each designated city along the way. We hope that even if you don’t have the time to take two weeks getting to know your MINI and fellow motoring enthusiasts as you drive cross country that you will at least stop by the Pittsburgh, PA rally point on Tuesday, July 12th.

We here at MINI of Pittsburgh can’t wait to see all of the attendees at the 2016 MINI Takes the States and hope that you make it out there to take part in this awesome drive!

MINI Searches for Candidates for its Defy Labels Contest

If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably saw the “Defy Labels” advertisement that MINI produced. The campaign was so successful that MINI has decided to expand upon the campaign in a big way!

A recent MINI press release announced that MINI is searching for candidates for its Defy Labels Contest.

Between now and April 7, MINI will accept candidates for the Defy Labels campaign. People can nominate candidates by uploading an image of them and an explanation on how they defy labels to MINI-DefyLabels.com.

From there, an independent panel of judges will select four of the nominees to help kick of the MINI TAKES THE STATES rally!

“People have put labels on the MINI brand for years,” says David Duncan, vice president MINI of the Americas. “We’ve been called the ‘small car’ or the ‘cute car,’ but we know we’re more than that.   Despite those labels, we’ve continued to be inventive and innovative with our product line. The Defy Labels Contest isn’t about rebellion, but rather creating your own path regardless of the labels you’ve been given; a concept the MINI brand understands and embodies.”

If you know of someone who “defies labels”, nominate them as a candidate for the competition today, and check out the series of MINI’s “Defying Labels” videos below.

MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016 Dates Announced

United States Map

MINI TAKES THE STATES is the perfect summer adventure for all MINI lovers. Are you going to this fun event?

MINI is a company always looking for more innovative ways to get their customers involved. Here at MINI of Pittsburgh, we see just how into their vehicles MINI owners are. Some are so attached to their MINIs that they drive them across the country!

At least, they did in 2014. And they’ll get another chance to do so in 2016, according to a MINI press release.

MINI just announced the dates for MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016. The cross-country journey will begin on Saturday, July 9, 2016 and finish on Saturday, July 23, 2016.

In 2014, MINI owners drove 5, 142 miles from San Francisco to Boston. Along the way, big MINI memories were made.

A portion of the registration fees will go to a yet-to-be-announced charity. In 2014, a portion of the fees went to the Best Friends Animal Society.

“MINI TAKES THE STATES 2014 was such an amazing experience that we couldn’t wait to announce the dates for 2016,” said David Duncan, Vice President MINI of the Americas, in the press release.

We can’t wait to see what Pittsburgh MINI owners are ready to take a trip during MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016!