The MINI Vision Next 100 Concept Gives Sneak Peak Into MINI’s Future


MINI’s latest concept, the MINI Vision Next 100, shows off what MINI thinks the future of driving and travel will be like. The MINI Vision Next 100 Concept is designed to be a part of a car sharing. With a car company, like MINI, that’s all about personalization, the idea of sharing a a car seems foreign to most of us. That being said, this concept car still keeps true to MINI’s heart. That’s because it’s still personalized!

That’s right, MINI has added technology to this car to enable it to still be personalized while at the same time being shared between people. The exterior of the MINI Vision Next 100 will project a personalized greeting onto the ground next tto the car before opening its doors to welcome you in. Once you get inside the car, those little personalization touches don’t stop. The car would be able to talk to you using circles of changing lights (which we envision to be like a traffic light type of system, but who really knows at this point), and the MINI would even suggest new routes for your drive. Imagine a car telling you to go a different way and saving you loads of time on your ride to work, to the store, or home!

We love the direction MINI is going with all the new technology they have and can’t wait to see what else they have coming our way soon!

Small Car Safety: Bigger isn’t Always Better

Since 1959, MINIs have been designed with space-saving in mind. Thanks to innovative engineering, the automaker has been able to develop some of the most influential and efficient cars on the market. Nevertheless, just because they’re small, doesn’t make them less safe.

Although you might think that bigger is simply better, just because a car is small doesn’t mean it’s less safe. In fact, according to AutoTrader, small car safety is often better thanks to handling. Believe it or not, small cars have a lower center of gravity (meaning they don’t tip over easily), they’re lighter, and they tend to have better driving dynamics.

Even with better handling, most new cars are relatively safe anyway because of industry standards and technological advances. New MINIs are made with features such as traction control, stability control, and crumple zones. If you’re in an accident, no matter how small your car is, it’s designed to absorb and distribute impact.

So, is bigger better? As long as you’re driving new car, the size doesn’t matter nearly as much as the driver behind the wheel. As long as you’re alert, defensive, and in tune with your car, you’ve got an advantage.

MINI Augmented Vision Concept Glasses Do it All

MINI grille

MINI’s new glasses provide you with a heads-up display and even a x-ray vision feature to help you see through typical blind spots.

MINI may have just introduced the future of eyewear. The MINI Augmented Vision concept glasses look something like the possible offspring of Google Glass and WWI aviator goggles, which is to say they’re somewhat crazy but 100% awesome. Designed in partnership with Qualcomm, the glasses feature cutting edge technology that conveniently displays vehicle data right in front of the driver’s eyes.

Similar to modern Heads-Up Display (HUD) systems, which are embedded in the windshield, these glasses make the same types of information (speed, navigation, etc.) visible through the glasses. Unlike a HUD though, these glasses do much, much more.

First, and maybe most impressively, the glasses are equipped with an X-ray vision feature, which allows drivers to see through typical blind-spots (such as the A-pillars and doors). Other notable features include: the ability to search for and select destination points before entering the vehicle; points of interest are visibly displayed as the driver approaches them; text messaging; and parking assistance that allows the driver to see the vehicle’s exterior as they approach curbs and other vehicles or obstructions.

“MINI Augmented Vision gives an insight into how intelligent connectivity between a MINI car and eyewear into which relevant content is projected might work in the future,” explained Dr. Jörg Preißinger, project-manager MINI Augmented Vision, BMW Group research and technology in a statement.

Though we are still likely a long way from a production version of these types of glasses, MINI points out that this is a good example of how augmented-reality could be used in cars someday.  Here at MINI of Pittsburgh, we want to know what you think: do these concept glasses represent a true solution for wandering eyes, or are they simply another distraction?

A MINI Boombox

Music DancingA new boombox designed by iUi Design is mini in more ways than one.

The boombox is mini in size, weighing in at just over 12 ounces.

MINI in character, the boombox takes on the form of a MINI side mirror.

This portable audio speaker was on display at the 2013 International CES hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Adhering to the not-normal “standards” of MINI, the small boombox is available in an assortment of radiant colors and quirky designs.

Located on the backside of the boombox is a USB port for recharging its internal battery.

With a Near Field Communication (NFC) sensor, the boombox can blast your favorite jams for up to ten hours.

The front of the boombox is half speaker grille and half mirror, which also serves as a touch screen.

The boombox also features voice-command capabilities.

The MINI boombox is priced at $149.00, with pre-orders underway and availability in late January.

Local Pennsylvania dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh is excited to test drive these MINI accessories.

MINI Drivers Experience Personalized Stitcher Smart Radio App


Attention MINI drivers! Would you like to customize your radio experience and have it tailored to your likes every time you take your MINI out for a spin? Well now you can. If your car has MINI Connected, you can now enjoy a fully-integrated Stitcher SmartRadio™ app experience during every drive.

Stitcher SmartRadio™ provides access to talk radio, podcasts, sports, entertainment, and live radio on-demand all in one app. In MINI models with MINI Connected, you can integrate your iPhone into your car’s infotainment system.

“Our app concept allows customers to download the same services to their car that they use on their smartphone – simply by downloading the free app,” said Dimitri Meulaping Feyou, Product Manager, Entertainment at the BMW Group AppCenter.

If you have questions or need assistance setting up your personalized radio experience, stop by the MINI of Pittsburgh dealership. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

MINI Connected Adds the MOG Music App

Remember that seven-minute song, ‘Dead Man Walking’ on David Bowie’s 1997 album, Earthling?

Yeah, neither do we. But MOG does. And at the touch of a button, you could be listening to this and 15 million other obscure songs while cruising in your MINI. The MINI Connected system is now syncing up with the MOG app, connecting the vast library of MOG music to the dashboard of your MINI.

With MINI Connected, drivers can easily select tunes from the high-quality 320k streaming MOG music service, or even songs previously downloaded from MOG. Playback your own custom playlists or choose from a selection of playlists created by top artists and MOG staff.

Right now, owners of a MINI model 2011 or later can try the MOG music service for free for 14 days.  Current subscribers can simply download the app from iTunes to get started. Visit MINI of Pittsburgh in person or online at to learn more.

MINI Connected Puts All Your Favorite Things at Your Fingertips

MINI Connected combines a display screen, joystick, and Bluetooth to create the most technologically advanced package ever on a MINI. This futuristic system allows you to have a level of awareness and control over your driving experience like never before.

The large, full-color HD screen is the command central for vehicle information and entertainment. Through this interactive screen, motorists can program the radio or clock, check vehicle status such as tire pressure, and manage calls through Bluetooth. Settings can even be adjusted to do such things as whether or not the lights flash when you lock the car. Bluetooth connectivity is capable of allowing MINI Connected to operate with any smartphone, but if you use an iPhone® you’ll have some pretty amazing features at your fingertips with the MINI Connected iPhone® App.

The joystick with scroll wheel allows you to stay focused on the road while finding your way through the MINI Connected options. The joystick moves effortlessly four ways, rotates with ease like a scroll wheel, and acts as a push button selector.

Experience MIN Connected for yourself. Visit the MINI of Pittsburgh dealership on Baum Boulevard or online at

New Updated MINI iPhone Application Brings New Features

MINI has rolled out a brand new version of the MINI Connected Application for the iPhone.  The update brings a brand-new Driving Excitement function.  The new function displays vehicle performance data and engine output.

Condition check is the first mode that will display temperature of the engine, fuel level, and the outdoor temperature.  If everything is good with those factors, “Be MINI” is displayed and the MINI is ready to perform at optimum conditions.

The Force Meter is another mode that analyzes acceleration and cornering forces through turns.  The meter can talk to the driver about the forces being experienced mid-way through the turn.  Finally, the Digital Sports Instrument mode shows engine coolant temperature, engine speed, how much horsepower is being produced as well as torque.

The update also helps to provide a more stable and less restricted application.  The MINI Connected system already comes loaded with access to Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, Google, Mission Control and much more.

Download the latest update via the iTunes store on your phone or by clicking here.

New MOG Streaming Music Service Available for MINI Cars

MINI Connected MOGMINI drivers will have a new entertainment fix to enjoy while cruising in their MINI.  MINI and MOG have teamed up to offer MOG streaming music for 2011 and newer MINI vehicles equipped with MINI Connected.  MINI and MOG are excited for the new partnership to get MOG’s inventory of thirteen million plus songs available for MINI drivers to enjoy as a new entertainment feature.

For MINI owners with 2011 and newer vehicles with MINI connected, need to sign up to become a MOG Primo customer and then download the MOG application their iPhone.  Once downloaded, the owner can plug their iPhone into the MINI Connected system and MOG will be available to stream on the display automatically.

“The partnership with MOG is another great step for MINI Connected, as we continue to listen to our customers and work to assess, develop and launch the apps they want most more quickly than ever before,” said Rob Passaro, Head of the BMW AppCenter.

The new music streaming service is a great new feature for the ever-evolving MINI Connected system.  The MOG integration was shown live for visitors at the LA Auto Show last week.

Discover the World with MINI’s New Mobile App

MINI Financial Services has launched a brand new “MINI Motoring” mobile application for MINI drivers.  The new phone app puts MINI drivers together to discover new paths and connect with the financial services provider in a completely new way.

“MINI Motoring” puts the world in MINI drivers’ hands with over 50 countries worth of navigation available.  Users can submit their own routes and research new ones that other drivers have added to discover new shortcuts and easier ways to get around town.

MINI customers who also have an account with MINI Financial Services get unique game-like features that help players accumulate points that can be used towards promotions and MINI prizes.

“MINI customers have always been extremely passionate about their cars, and we want them to feel that same sense of loyalty and satisfaction with their finance provider,” said Ed Robinson, President and CEO of BMW Group Financial Services, Americas Region, which includes MINI Financial Services. “That a captive finance company utilizes the latest in social and mobile media – all while playing a critical role in rewarding customer engagement and increasing loyalty — is another step in turning our customers into fans.”

MINI Club members will also enjoy that each North American MINI Club is supported by the app to allow for users to designate which club they belong to, and search and specify routes for their club and members only.

The “MINI Motoring” application is free and available for download at the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace or by visiting via your smartphone browser.